Why Are Designer Shirts So Costly?

Contemporary designer shirts for men with their extraordinary imagination and proficiency have taken dress shirts to a whole new level of style. Dress shirts are no longer something that’s used for work or two. Modern untucked designer shirts are perfect for each occasion (office wear, suppers, hangouts, performances, etc.). It uses the very best of both worlds. Its total shape and design provide an official look, while its untucked function shows a casual style. If you’re not a fan of hanging your shirt outside, stress not; these are created to be used “tucked in.” Put, they are multi-purpose!

The question that comes to mind is: Why do designer brand men waistcoatcost a fortune? Several factors makes these dress shirts so costly and something to see, such as:

Size Pattern

Designer brand dress shirts have been developed mainly to fit the exact measurement pattern. It’s not one of those off-the-rack shirts that are created to fit numerous sizes (although not completely). Put, these dress shirts are made to fit you completely.

Remarkably, the reason off-the-rack dress shirts are reasonably more affordable is that they have been produced a big audience. If they weren’t, then you would not have got them so inexpensively. The (designer shirts) certain size pattern somewhat validates the high expense, does not it?


Another crucial factor regarding why designer brand dress shirts are so expensive is the material/fabric used in making them. It’s not a surprise that the higher the quality (of stuff), the greater will be its rate. When it comes to designer shirts, you get precisely what you pay for, worth for worth!

Now the rate of material differs considerably according to kind, quality, and weaves, which is why you get to see dress shirts varying from $150 to $500. Leading designer brand shirts are made from cotton, artificial, silk, and wool, which takes place to be the most costly one. Now this provides a more precise concept regarding why these shirts cost a fortune.


Building the fabric (also referred to as stitching) is quite a severe procedure. It includes a high degree of efficiency and method. The smallest little bit of mistake may lead to a poorly made shirt. That is why you need to have extremely knowledgeable labors.

Now, this also indicates that the brand needs to sustain extra costs because hiring skilled tailors is not inexpensive. The higher their ability level is, the greater will be the expense.

That being stated, they are a couple of brands that turn to machine construction to lower the last rate of the shirt. It’s most likely not the best way to go about because makers are more vulnerable to making producing mistakes, as opposed to extremely competent tailors. That is why it’s much better to stick to a brand which utilizes tailors (somewhat of devices) to get best worth for money.

Pre and Post Sales Service

Another element that contributes (although somewhat) towards the high expense of designer dress shirts is the arrangement of pre and post-sale services. Many sellers tend to have favorable policies to help with customers with concerns to “item returns.”

At the time of purchase, you are provided an invoice. In case there’s any problem in the item you can return it, and the quantity is credited to your quantity. Not every merchant renders pre and post-sales service for a small reimbursement which is usually consisted of in the shirt’s last expense.